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The Can Can Man

Twist the throttle, and feel the breeze, Sweet transmission, move over please, Tyres burning, cross the plane, He’s flyin faster…

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Break Free

Don’t want to be lock away Far from the life we’re chasing The stuff of human racing   I think…

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Hi Music Expo UK. How're you doing
This is my first upload and I feel a connection already. I used to live in Somerset, in Shepton Mallet (Bowditch Close), and work in Bath. But now I live in Sweden. 
I just wanted to let you know that my new release as 'Patrik Ahlm Concord' is OUT tomorrow - Friday June 11th. The new song is 'Wanna Show You'. 
This song is all new original material and this one is a crossover rock/pop/country-ish with a strong catchy chorus and great production:) As always I play and produce everything  - proper DIY-project this :) 
I've attached a mp3 with metadata in this message :)
Not the heaviest of rock tracks, I know ;), but a good tune and I hope you enjoy it anyway ;) and find it worthy of ending up in your shows. Big big up to you for all your support.
All the best. Take care
Patrik Ahlm
- Patrik Ahlm Concord
- Too Far For Gracie
- Time Gallery