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Music Expo Radio Show No.1

Music Expo Radio
Music Expo Radio No.1
Music Expo RadioMusic Expo Radio No.1

Monday 18 January 2021

Come join the expedition in search of great music on The

Music Expo Radio

Show at 11pm Monday on

Somer Valley FM


KOR Radio


Cody Feechan
Natalie Bouloudis
Carnival Kid
The Rayes
A Choir of Ghosts
Balthazar B
Masha Novik
Alex Robertson
Katie Wellenberg Music
AK Patterson
Online on and listen again
FM in Midsomer Norton and surrounding area
Dab in Bristol
On all smart Speakers
Online on, Tues, Wed and Thur at 2pm
Check out our website for song submissions and more
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Music Expo Radio 2

expo radio show
expo radio show

Radio show No2

Radio Show
Country Music
Radio ShowCountry Music

Radio Show No.2

Broadcasted from Somervalley FM and on Kor radio online