Boston, Massachusetts

Underdog is a band from Boston playing Supersonic alternative rock, formed in 2014 by
Scott Ferguson (Guitar, Bass & Vocals) and Bryn Carlson (Lead Guitar, Drums, Bass & Vocals),
and have been joined onstage by Aram Heller (Bass) and Harry MacKenzie (Drums). Bryn and
Scott share the songwriting duties, and have spent the past few of years writing and recording
their first album, Ether Dome, which was released on September 18, 2020, on Sonic Vibration
Records. Scott and Bryn have known each other since the early 1980s, when Bryn moved to
Boston from the Washington DC area. They have played together in several Boston bands over
the years including The Hackmasters in the 80s, and fin-de-siècle in the 90s, and in other groups
such as Secret Word, The Trodds, The Dark Cellars, World of Distortion, The Time Beings, and
The Vatican Sex Kittens from the late 70s through the 00s.
Underdog has been the No. 1 charting alternative band in Boston on Reverbnation for
over a year and a half, reaching No. 2 on the National and No. 3 on the Global charts. They have
been getting airplay on WMBR in Cambridge, and been receiving regular airplay on Radio TFSC
in Germany for several years. They have been featured on the Limbo Radio Show, on Rock Rage
Radio, and the Limbocast podcast in Canada, and interviewed on The Flipside music blog. Their
songs have recently been added to playlists on Orange Hat Radio and SUSY Radio in England,
Eagles Nest Radio in Arizona, and Banks Radio Australia