Dream AWAY – James Hawken

Awake in the night and can’t stop the mind racing, feeling low or stressed, maybe just want to kick back on a Sunday morning?

Peaceful, calm, relaxed. All music has a purpose to get a reaction, and that is what this piece looks to. It could be what you need.

It is gentle piano without leaps, tempo changes or crescendo, so you can sink in. The overlay of
choral voices delivering tones, not lyrics, which reminds me of some of how Clannad and Enya added to the atmosphere in their music. It also fits with other music I have of guitar playing over waves lapping on a beach, which lets you just drift.

The video shows pictures of the beautiful Cornish countryside blending into each other. It fits the music and adds another ethereal feel.

If you also suffer from limited mobility (like me) and can rarely get out to the countryside (or even have just felt trapped in a city during lockdown) then the combination of sound and vision can provide a little break while looking forward towards experiencing it once again.

I like it because it fits with those times, particularly with the video accompanying it.

Jez Simpson








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