MICHAEL SHANKSMermaids of Europa

Michael ShanksMermaids of Europa

Indie blues and psychedelic grooves in Valencia, Spain.
Seductive guitars, imaginative lyrics
Think Tom Waits meets Hendrix

2099 – Under the giant subsurface ocean on Jupiter’s moon Europa lives a tribe of mermaids with curious healing powers. A human mission to Europa discovers them and consequently takes one hostage. They currently are on a journey back to Earth.

This song began with a warm spring evening in Houston, Texas when I pointed my telescope up at Jupiter. Amazed to see its four biggest moons clearly through the telescope’s glass, I began researching those distant worlds and found that one of them, Europa, has the potential to harbor life. Immediately I began dreaming up this song. What could live under the icy waters of this distant moon: mermaids.