Music Expo

 Music Expo

 Was born out of a crazy idea to get as many from the music industry in Somerset under one roof to interact and promote their brand with musicians and music fans. That was November 15, 2017

With the help of the almighty internet and facebook the journey started with message after message in hopes of replies and surprisingly most thought it was a great idea so the planning was off to a great start.

Feb 3rd 10am at the Cheese and Grain the very first (Music Expo 18) had opened its doors to the public, with over 40 exhibitors a few acoustic guitar players a special guest speaker (Michael Eavis) and help from amazing people we pulled it off and it was a success with questions of “when’s the next one” as the venue emptied.

March 2018 and plans are being laid out for another Music Expo UK, notice the 18 has changed to UK, more professional..We found The Bath and West Showground as an ideal venue.

Music Expo 3 now planned for January 19th 2019 at the Longwell Green Community Center near Bristol and Bath.

Come join us!!

About Mike

I am a community radio presenter in Midsomer Norton on and on that’s where my involvement began with promoting local, national and international acts from acoustic to metal. I also assist in managing the Pilton Stage at The Bath and West Show and have had my share of events, festivals and gig promotions. I can’t play a tune (unfortunately) but love music and the feeling it gives me so I will play my part in the industry to get as many connected together for the love music.

Thank you

Mike Mihalas

“Connecting the music community”