Manchester, UK

‘Fragments’ is the first single following a new partnership between Rude Films and London-based Longreel
Records, set to be released on 16th April 2021.
The single is moody, melodious and meanders towards a dramatic crescendo, accompanied by visuals
provided by guitarist Liam, set to be released on the same day. ‘Fragments’ is a welcome pastiche of the
band’s sonic influences with nods towards post-punk, avant-garde and shoe-gaze and is a signifier of a wide
scope of territory to explore.
Following the death of other projects, Rude Films was born out of a necessity to create together again, with
artistic maturity and knowledge, dedicating time towards honing and refining their sound, scrapping set list
after set list along the way.
The four piece, hailing from Manchester via Lancashire mill town Chorley, draw upon a dreary, melancholic
sound, which they dub as ‘a sonic reflection of their bleak surroundings’.
In 2020 the band recorded two singles live at Premises Studios, Shoreditch with Neil Goody and Louis
Millburn, the second of which ‘Gory Bastard’ is to shortly follow in June.