Xylaroo are indeed an odd bunch to say the least. Clean cut indie influences combined with an early 70’s production mix and a sickeningly sweet vocals from sisters Coco and Holly crash around the listener, turning everything in the pot into gold. Four years after their debut album Sweetooth, Xylaroo are back with the EP Wild Woman.

Wild Women is a multitude of ideas, and thankfully none of these ideas fight against each other or detract the attention of other track – every idea is used to the fullest extent and each track proposed something more original than last. Sweetooth opens up the EP with a bubble gum pop rock ethic that’s as safe as it is bombastic, to Like Planes Taking Off To The Wind that would make you want to hold your lighter aloft in a festive frenzy. Wild Woman, Tomb and Yesterdays hold up to their own tentative strengths, working through interlaced stories with folk and disco elements being casually flirted with, as the delightfully high melodies of the band cuts through so finely on its clean production that allows the two sisters to soar.

Wild Woman makes use of Xylaroo’s oddities, and plays on its rhythmic sensibilities and nuances. By giving every member a solid goalin mind musically, Xylaroo have gone above and beyond to making what could be your new favourite EP.

By Connor Flello